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so I wander back into work.... and my boss stops by to tell me that if my documentation is updated, I can leave anytime....

Rain and Morphine stopped by to inquire about doing something before I left....

Haha called to see when I was going to be in... I went ahead and passed it off as if I didn't know... What's the fun in a surprise if you know about it, eh? I'm going to be doing one of my (in)famous 3am arrivals...

Rodimus is coming by at around 5:30p to pack the car and head to dinner before leaving...

S is supposed to stop by anytime now to pick up my keys so they can check my mail and such while I'm gone, since I have untold packages coming in from auctions....

I pretty much have most things packed... If I can manage to remember to take everything I should be fine...

I'm wearing the jeans I just got for xmas... they're comfy..

Tigger tried to cheer me up, but I know what lies ahead.... it's part of the reason I'm handling things like this. I'll arrive and say hi to everyone, then crash.

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