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ok so...

had a call from haha last night... they might let him come home today or tomorrow...

I'm heading out tonight after work (7pm) with Rodimus... we're hopefully going to beat most of the traffic by leaving after the rush.

Got my big box o presents from the rents... opened about half of them to see if I was going to take any of that stuff with me... am keeping the DVD, CD, and books until I get there. Scored some new jeans, workclothes, and a used Palm IIIe.

Talked to Taz... we're supposed to "hook up" after I get back... and they bought me a present... *sigh*

might go to a huge rave in colorado on NYE.... not sure yet.... depends, of course...

Am starting to get stressed about forgetting something and the drive and all that...

oh yeah, played with my cig case/lighter thingy.... almost singed my eyebrows off, didn't know it was loaded...

anyways, gotta finish lunch and get back to work for a few hours... then hurry back to finish packing and such... joy

I may be able to post from the road, but I won't guarantee it.

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