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This is starting to get ridiculous

I got an email from the St Louis people saying they couldn't get through, so would I please call them. Doing so, I sit and listen to one of the partners saying that although I was "a heck of a person, very intelligent and technical" they were "running all over the place" and "didn't think I was a good fit for the position." Bullshit. This is a company with maybe a dozen people who claim to be expanding faster than they can keep up with their current staffing level. They claim to need people in the worst way. If I'm so wonderfully technical, then why don't they need me? There's a deeper issue here, and I'm tired of getting blown off by companies with lameass excuses.

My only recourse is to go work for my old boss, which I admit is something I want to do anyway. I'm just pissed that he, out of all these people I've been talking to over the past 6 months, can see what I'm capable of, and give me that push I need. Well, I guess I'm lucky to have him, at least. In fact, I'm downright thankful he's there. It's just these other assholes are seriously ruining my patience.

I was thinking, earlier before I got the email, that I have something I dislike about phone calls. I hate to make them, although once I actually start talking, I'm fine with it. In fact, I just made 4 calls in a row to get things sorted out on 2 jobs and 2 bills. But as soon as I completed them all, I got back online so I wouldn't have to deal with any more. I've caught myself doing this several times, and I'm not exactly sure where it comes from. But I'm betting that somewhere subconsciously, today's rejection didn't help. Hmm, now that I thought of that, maybe it comes from breaking up with SS... And being screamed at over the phone while my heart was breaking. Who knows? Not me.

I think I'm going to go do a marathon session of DDR to work out my frustration.

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