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well I still live.. let's see if I can recap the day..

woke up groggy... bleh... got to work, talked to my boss for a bit...

then got the call from Haha... seems the news this morning is a bit better... it's not lukemia, but simply the later stages of mylofibrosis.... prolly has a few months left, but there's not much they can do. They're going to try some experimental drug...

then worked for a bit.... talked to Taz and S... grabbed Rain and came home for lunch, watched some hockey, chatted, etc... had a message on the machine from someone in the apt office saying "your water will be out for a few hours" joy.

back to work.... not really sure what I did.. it's a blur.... then chatted a bit, sent the one thing I had due to my boss, and left.... came home, changed....

went to the bar to meet coworkers for our holiday party.... and had a good time. talked with some ppl I don't usually talk to, drank, ate, played pool, etc....

dropped Rain's beer off then came home...

I think Rodimus and I are heading out Fri nite or Sat..... Prolly be back thurs.

I need a bit mroe food, some water, and to veg then sleep.. I'm beat...

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