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There are 2 problems with shopping online... and specifically, ebay. The first is that if you're looking at multiple items, you've no idea how much you've spent, really... especially once you add all the hidden costs of shipping, insurance, money order, etc... The other is that you're missing that instant gratification, that sense of immediate ownership for whatever it is you've bought....

So I've not gotten any of my items in yet.... And I'm still bidding. I got outsniped earlier.. which marks the second time in a week I have been biggin on auctions in normal waking hours and not been willing to up my price soon enough. Then again, I've gotten some great deals on off-hours ones...

Taz called... which was a bit strange. Had a few technical questions, made some comments about having me over for dinner, and possibilities for hanging out xmas eve... Of course I'll prolly be gone, but... Said they'd call back, but didn't - as usual.

Haha called.... Chichi is doing a bit better today, they may not find out test results until late mon... Etc etc etc...

And me... I'm not sure what i'm doing.. bleh. Got the 7am shift this week, and I'm really looknig forward to it... uh huh, suuure I am.

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