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Haha's Call

so Haha called... was wondering where I was... It was like 4:30, so I said.. umm.. at work? evidently they forgot about the time zone change...

Anyway, to the point of the call...

Chichi went to the hospital last night... It seems that there was something seriously wrong... So they finally figured out what it was, and patched it... Has to go to the doc on Fri to remove the patch and figure out how to prevent it in the future... So it was a very late night for them, 4:30am or so before they slept...

Let's see.. what else? Oh the usual inquiry stuff... Asking about the holiday and visiting the relatives with them in Jan... And I've a package on the way tomorrow prolly... Of course I've got all that auction stuff coming in as well - I'm going to have to check the mail more than the once a week I have been doing...

Just sitting and chatting and trying to organize a reply to Strawberry now... I honestly can't get my thoughts in order as to what I want to say...

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