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and what have you done today?

Managed to get ahold of my old boss, who called last week... He informed me of 2 or 3 openings in various places near his team back at the old company, and gave me advice on how to approach them and phone numbers... It's all good, even if 1 or 2 of them are contracts instead of perm...

I also did a little Rant about Napster over on JaneDeau's LiveJournal... I have somewhat strong opinions on many subjects, especially dealing with technology and society. I keep meaning to post more of them here, but LJ users seem to start discussions on them with frequency.

I suppose I should go offline and wait for my other call. And perhaps make some calls.. Including the damn credit card company for charging me $20 in fees for no apparent reason, and the insurance company who sent 2 letters - 1 about sharing profits, the other a bill for some part of my coverage.

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