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a week's worth of updates

so.... It's been awhile since I made a decent post here. I suppose it's safe to say I've calmed down a bit and got things in order emotionally... Or is it?

Anyway, I'll sum up the week thusly: solitude and sleep. I had entirely too much of both.

Based on the changed work schedule, I ended up taking my lunch in to work and not going out with people MTW... was at work by 10:30 and out by 6:30 each night. Wasn't in the mood to do much but mope, veg, and sleep.

Wed there was some screwy shit at work, so we couldn't stay late.. which was fine by me. I also got Civ 3, which I played quite a bit. I believe that's the night I also went out with Honihoni, Morphine, and Rain to OPFF for some PIU, then out to Denny's to socialize, then came back and played more Civ 3 until entirely too early in the morning. Didn't get much sleep, and had to be at work early...

Work on Thurs was mostly me playing around with some automation stuff.. went to Chinese for lunch with ppl, etc... Sat down after work and played Civ 3 from 5pm until like 1:30am...

Fri was interesting, the only bit of actual work I did was check my email briefly once. The rest of the time was spent chatting, wandering around in our formal clothing, and going out to the Casino for lunch, DDR, and the big organizational meeting. Then changing clothes, more DDR... and coming home with sudden antisocial feelings and a bit of a headache.

Yesterday was more vegging and very little else... talked to RedneckNinja.... chatted a bit online, etc....

Today's been laundry, vegging, conversation with Overlord....

Now to the interesting bits.... Taz and Strawberry.

I'm getting wired vibes from Taz... half the time they're good, the other half, bad... Off and on, I just dunno. A few events stand out in memory... One being arranging lunch on Fri I think it was... I asked about it, and Taz said "with everyone else, or just us?" which is a strange comment, given that we rarely go to lunch alone... Another was at lunch, something about marriage came up, and the conversation between Taz and I was something along the lines of:
Taz> You're lucky I don't wanna get married again
CM> I'm lucky, am I?
Taz> Yeah, otherwise I'd beat you over the head
CM> ...
and then I was about to call Taz from the casino arcade to see what plans are, and they called asking for the name of the ending song in Life of Brian, so I supplied Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life to which they replied "oh yeah, thanks babe, bye." and hung up... While I was trying to ask what plans were... and then I called back later, and no answer.. *sigh*

Strawberry.... Well, we traded a few messages, then they stopped writing. I wrote a fairly large message to describe/explain what I was thinking/feeling.seeing... no response... Then I wrote another to answer the innocuous questions asked in a more complete fashion... no response... Then I wrote anther saying that I wouldn't keep writing if I didn't want a response... Finally a response after a few days saying they were ill... I wrote back twice.. no response...

Time for more laundry and some PSOv2

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