Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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so.. yesterday... yeah...

went to work at 7am... all the phones on the lab side of the building were out, so I had to hotfoot it back and forth from my desk to lab to work on stuff then report to the conference call... I ran out of things to do before noon, stayed until the 2nd shift person came in, then left them instead of staying the extra hour I was supposed to.

Came home, ate, and napped...

then got dressed and went out to meet up with D and S and M to go over to the halloween party... it was pretty good, as such things go.... interesting costumes, etc... karaoke and dancing was a blast...

barely made it home... and crashed pretty much right away.

been lethargic all morning, had food, now doing laundry and burning cds and such until the piu tourney...

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