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oh yeah, right, that lj thing...


hell I don't even know what my last entry is, and I'm too lazy to look.

so... Fri I had off, so I slept in and then spent the day cleaning... invited people over to party... had only a few takers... got my ddr dx pads back, as well as 5th mix...

went to Chinese for dinner.... visited the liquor store for a bit... came back here to drink and chat and ddr....

watched some Cool Devices.. hehe

slept... got up in too few hours to go visit Taz... went to lunch... did a bit of shopping... went to see Atlantis, which was okay... then went back and napped a bit with Taz... then out to karaoke.... finally dropped Taz off and came home to crash.

this morning I overslept lunch with Taz and a few others, but might still make seeing Glass House... not sure

then the PIU tourney....

busy weekend, eh? I'm not sure if I like it busy or boring....

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