Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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I'm still not sleeping well.

it's been ok otherwise, I suppose... spent too much money, then got my tax rebate in....

been approved for transfer, interviewed for the new position, waiting for the paperwork...

not sure what to do about Taz, A, S, etc.... Thinking maybe K might be a possibility instead.

Oz is in town, it's been kewl hanging out....

Spent $90 on dinner on Fri nite. Spent $110 on a frame for a print on Fri. Ordered a metric shit ton of food at Chinese last night.

Arcade is supposed to have another tourney tonight after they close - but they haven't yet advertised it.

uhh.. dunnoo...

Oh yeah, RedneckNinja called Fri nite while we were at dinner - they're not in good mood/situation atm... Need to call back, but not sure I could handle that load as well yesterday.

so, uh.. yeah...

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