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so.... boss is recommending that I transfer to the group I want to... joy

spent the workday helping the boss update shit for my projects... joy

had dinner with Rodimus and S.. was okay...

went to the mall for PIU with Rodimus, Rain, Morphine, and Hunnybee... incredible... the soon-to-be-assistant-manager was on my case for not entering tomorrow's tournament.... finally said they'd pay my way if I entered... so I did... ended up talking details with the manager, giving recommendations, inviting to join the club, etc... seems like things are looking up - they're interested in adding a DDR machine... and other things, like weekly competitions...

we walked out of the mall, and all our cars were lined up, showroom style.. photo op...

came back here and showered while the others made a taco hell run.... then we watch God of Gamblers.. I thoroughly enjoyed it.... I also watched Crying Freeman (the live action version) last night...

now I've got to rest up for the big competition tomorrow.... and get some promo stuff together, etc....

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