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is it a bad sign when you have a breakdown in your boss's office? I nearly lost it.. somehow managed to regain enough control to keep talking somehow...

In any case, I've a meeting with the boss 1st thing fri morn to discuss options... since it's obvious I can't take this crap.. hell, my boss is having a hard time taking the crap, an d they've been dealing with it for weeks instead of months....

So.. Rodimus clued me in job which job to apply for.. it's listed as a demotion, but they'll pump it up to a lateral if I can manage to secure the ok to get outta there. The funny thing is.. I'm pretty much setting myself up for it... The stuff I'm working on now relies on someone to have that position... heh... nothing like ensuring your own necessity.

Other than that... I must say, all my friends have been supportive in the utmost... It's too bad I'm so far gone that I can't really appreciate it as much as I'd like to. No matter how much support they give, life currently sucks.

And the PIU competition is on Sat... Rain is going to try to win... I hope they do... I'm not entering due to, among the emotional/depressive crap, there's no performance category.

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