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that was... a day...

Got up, went in to work... I'm still not sure why...

Didn't do much until 11 or so, then queried about lunch... Rodimus wasn't going to be avail for awhile, and Taz wanted me to pick them up...

So I figured what the hell, eh? and went over to Taz's place right away. We sat and talked and did a bit of laying down and such... Figured out lunch plans... then Rodimus called, so we left for lunch...

Lunch was fun, went to J's... had 3 others there as well.. kind of a work - bitch session, with humor...

Then I had to catch a meeting and Taz had errands to run, so I dropped them off and headed to work.

Did some work stuff, met with the director and crew... and... well. I'm impressed. The director really did try to get some things done. Not all was good, but it was positive enough that I'm a bit relieved.

Afterwards, I split.. fast..

Still don't know what's going on with A...

Dinner at 6:30 at Stack... Not sure who all is going to make it. Rodimus had mentioned that Morphine and Hunnybee and Rain weren't going to, but I got an ICQ from Morphine asking about dinner, so... ?

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