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well if that don't beat all

hmm it seems I didn't bother updating on Thurs... nothing to tell, really... same shit. worked, came home, ate, vegged, slept.

Fri, however.... Let's just say that I'm glad I actually made it into the office on Fri... The morning wasn't much...

But around noon I was realizing that I was VERY HUNGRY. I missed out on a group lunch, so I wandered around the office looking for someone else to go with, then just said screw it and went by myself. I really didn't have an idea of where I was going to go until I started driving... I had 2 hours to kill before my next meeting, and I figured I wanted to browse some stores or something, so ended up deciding on The Mall.

Got to the mall, and it was crowded, of course. Had to park in BFE, which wasn't a big deal, really - I mean, if you're going to be walking all around the mall anyway, does a spot close to a door really gain you anything? And went by Babbage's, then hit the food court.

Got Black Pepper Steak from the Asian grill, wolfed it down, and continued wandering. On a whim, I decided to check out the arcade, since I'd heard they had a beatmania machine... So I walk into the arcade, wander a bit, turn around and...

.. light shone down from heaven... I heard the voices of the angelic choir.... my eyes instantly teared up and I was nearly driver to my knees....

There sat a Pump It Up! DX Premiere machine! I was in awe. And since no one was on it... I got $2 worth of tokens and stepped up to play. I picked a song at random, and failed it. Then some other people jumped on... Then I went back for another run, this time wisely choosing to choose a few easier songs first to get the hang of the different layout. I can't even explain how good it felt to be doing that.

Anyway, that used up all my time, and I headed back to work. On the way, I called Rain to give the good news.

So I arrived back at work all hot n sweaty and in a great mood.

Got on a call, which was very short... then... Some shit happened... that I don't care to go into. Sufficed to say, I got pissed off and couldn't fulfill a promise I had made earlier in the week at a Director level.

Showed up to my next meeting early, and my team lead showed up early as well, so we chatted a bit about a few things, then had the meeting when the rest showed up. Then I found out some more shit that pissed me off. I had to go to my director and let them know that someone was being an asshole and to expect shit. Showed up to my next meeting, which again was low attendance and quick, then another meeting that went okay.

Rain called saying they were goin to try to knock off of work a bit early and head to the mall to dance, so I said I'd try to get out ASAP.

Then, more shit happened. I ended up talking to my team lead about it, team lead talked to director about it, and I spent about 1/2 hour creating this email to send to the director to explain why the information I promised was not delivered on time. Fun stuff, really. So I finally got out of there and went to the mall.

We had a blast there, played the PIU, a try at beatmania, and sat down to relax with an Orange Juluis... Then tried to plan dinner. We decided on Arby's as a backup plan, but mexican was the priority to try. Then we split back to the cars, and some of us got one more PIU game in before we left.

On the way, I get a call on my mobile. It's a certain someone who, because they didn't get back to me today, I didn't get my shit done. Thy give me the information and that's it. By now it's 7:00pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT. HELLO!?! Anyway. I was pissed and almost got us into a wreck in a certain area that I didn't know had construction going.

So we get to the mexican place, and are driving around trying to find somewhere to park, it's that crowded. We pass the other car, and they're in the mood to not wai,t so we go over to Arby's.

On the way there, I brake suddenly and realize that my passenger's seat isn't properly locked. Oops. So we get to Arby's, eat, and head to my place.

We veg a bit, critique some magazine ads, have a beer... and then Dance...

Somewhere along there I had several calls with Taz regarding their presence at my place sometime that evening. Eventually, they arrive at 11 something or so... about an hour later, everyone else leaves....

I invite Taz to bed, and we go to sleep... after some conversation.

Sometime in the early morning, we both wake up and discuss this strange dream they had... and then they get a call and have to rush off ... le sigh...

I wasn't getting back to sleep in there, so I came out and vegged o nthe couch with the tv on... which put me right out.

then some asshole calls and wakes me up.

I'm hungry, fuzzy, and completely unmotivated. Trying to catch up on things.... But not really worried if I don't.

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