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so... I had fun at work today. Don't give me that look, I did.

We had some stupid gathering outside... free hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks here provided... As well as mini squirt guns and water balloons.... Sufficed to say I and several of my team members got all wet.

That was good, the rest of the day was kinda eh.... Got shit done, which was amazing... And umm... yeah, that's about it.

Came home and napped while it was still hot, then woke up and turned the air on, had some dinner, and vegged...

Pretty standard.

Nothing new really.

Still haven't gotten around to bills yet.

Hmm hotmail redesigned... it looks worse and is less usable. Instead of going directly into inbox when there's a new message, now you've got to click on it... which is really stupid. I hate "designers" who don't realize the impact they're making on usability. In fact, I'm tempted to go for some usability masters or something so I've some weight behind my opinions on the matter. Not that I or anyone else NEEDS it, but there's something about having that officiality...

umm yeah. night

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