Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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Unison Scores

Dynamite Rave SS SS 100%
The Race SS S 98%
Butterfly Upswing SS SS 100%
Dam Daridam SS SS 100%

I was impressed with the first one, since that's the first time I've seen that high a score, let alone with me doing it...

Now I'm all hot and plesantly tired and that good ache that comes after a good workout... and sweaty as all hell... 100oF temperatures and my AC can barely get it below 80... so working out becomes a sweatbath...

Anyways, I am feeling better now that I've worked out, so I'll shower and get something for dinner... and prolly die early..

Earlier I had a big surprise... Ratty was on! We haven't talked in like 6 months.... Everything seems to be going well on that end - new, good job, going back to school, etc... I hope they don't disappear for another 6 months...

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