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The Director Dance

so... I just pulled my ass so far outta the fire....

Was on a call with 3 Directors... and a bunch of other people... And I was dodging and weaving and dancing all around to ensure that I came out much much better than expected. And it worked.

My director flat-out shot this one irritating prick down.. hard. It was great!

The other shining moment was when this person was saying how much they needed to have something going, even though I had told them it would be a few months before it would even be feasible to do it... Basically, access to an internal website... They wanted us to put it on this server for a specific group to access to test it out... They said "We NEED to be able to look at the site in order to get some documentation drawn up for these people before it is available." So I countered with "Have you tried accessing the site from YOUR desktop?" And they said "Well, no..." And the debate continued for a little while before I finally drew them into a logic trap. They said "Well, there's no point in doing it if it doesn't exactly mirror what the other people will see" So I said "As I informed you before, that will be several months from now." And the crickets started chirping.... HAH!

So anyways, near the end of the call, my Team Lead called me.. and I'm like "Uh yeah, I'm on the phone with several Directors right now..." So I had to call back after. And wouldn't you know it, the question was one that had been answered in the meeting/call I was in... So again I come out smelling good...

Damn I hate politics, but you can sure get a rush when you use them to your advantage!

So anyways... less than 5 months to go in this hell.

Rodimus called, coming over to DDR and chat here shortly...

Then dinner....

hmmm... I need.. no, NEED to take care of some bills.... and clear off the other half of my desk (reminder to self - get a webcam pic of the desk if possible) in order to fit my other monitor on it... I really miss the dual screen action.

Then vegging, perhaps finishing a magazing or starting a book... prolly end up with the tv again, just because it's so brainless....

Then hopefully I'll sleep much better and longer than I did last night/this morning.


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