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my quick bit of time at work was kind of productive. Had to track someone down for info, but otherwise ok...

Went into the oven it has become outside... damn it's hot. 110oF Heat Index again today.... Bleh. Got some gas, and came home.

Got on a call, which was quick and painless.

Then got an email.

Here's the situation.... Last week, the official status update email took the whole week to put together, and was finally sent early fri morning. Evidently there were some other discussions about how to do and not do certain things surrounding it. One of these was stating that the two halves of IT should appear to the customer as one unit - united, together, etc... And that the customer should be handled by one half while the rest of us got things done.

So today.... There's a meeting that they set up with us AND THE CUSTOMER. So obviously they didn't get it, but that's standard. It's also with directors and such... I was told that the directors were going to have a separate meeting, and that meetings on our level should wait until after then. The info I tracked down was whether or not I should be going to this meeting, since it violates the agreement. I'm still waiting for the answer.

In any case, I get this email. Which is last week's status email with comments. The comments serve no purpose but to piss me off. Not only that, but IT WAS SENT TO THE CUSTOMER AS WELL. Way to go, ppl... nice unity and such.

I can imagine how well THAT went/is going to go over. I'm betting that I won't be going to the meeting. I don't want to go at all - there is nothing to accomplish with it.

So I'm stressed and abotu ready to unplug everything and go to bed. If it weren't for the fact I got some bills and such in the mail that were higher than expected, I just might.... Quitting is again on my mind... I know it's not the right answer, but is being continually depressed and stressed and living dysfunctionally worth it... really?

So fuck it all

I've got a call to be on.

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