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I was pondering a ranting sort of thing earlier, but really... after finally getting home from work, I've lost all motivation...

work was hell. I was busy pretty much nonstop all day... I did manage to sneak out to lunch from 2-3pm, but the rest of the day was filled. I ended up talking with A for awhile, and we were trying to make dinner plans... but finally decided to save it for another night.

Came home and had a sandwich for dinner. I need to get back to the store for more bread.

I played a mission of two of Emperor.... and then just vegged. I burned a few cds and decided that tonight wasn't a good time to be online, so I killed all the irc/icq/etc tasks.

Figured I might as well update my journal before I crash.

Oh, and I did a bit of XR Size.... mostly weights for upper body. Not too much, since I'm still achy.

I'm trying to decide whether to fall asleep to tv or break out another book.

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