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oh yeah that lj thing

nothing to update




I've played quite a bit of Emperor... it's pretty ok - My usual super-defensive tactics actually work somewhat... well, they did for awhile at least.... Now I've this trend of getting out-resourced.... I need to learn to use the right disposable troops as harvester defense.... Not quite there yet.

And that's it, really... Tried to hang with Taz, but work called... Was supposed to hang with the apt crowd, but didn't feel like being out in the heat, and I'm in no mood to tan or swim.

I did some 3rd mix endless ddr just now.... got 30 stages down, including 2 paranoias in a row, then some 5 footer, then 3 trip machines in a row, then graduistic cyber, then a few more 5-6 footers, another trip machine... and then finally on some slow easy song I just gave up. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest and strange me for the punishment I was giving it. Took a shower, now cooling off/down...

Still not feeling 100%, but I'm not nearly as sickly as fri...

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