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ah shit

I guess I'd better update the last day's worth of crap before I forget it.

let's see.... work sucks from home, not just when I go in. Had pretty much non-stop work until 3:30pm or so... people emailing, calling, calls to be on, etc. Had oatmeal for breakfast, ramen for lunch, ramen for snack, and then realized I was out of anything else.

At least my 3:00 call was only 1 other person an myself, and we chatted a bit before signing off since other people needed to be there in order to do anything.

hm... Oz called, and we discussed a possible end-of-year trip to Japan... I'd really like to, but coming up with the $5k I'd need to afford to do it and all is.. eh, dunno...

had to cancel fri nite ddr... ppl were disappointed, but I was in no condition to have a dozen people invade my place, drink heavily, and pump the volume up pretty loud.

talked to Taz.... Taz actually skipped drill this weekend in order to come to fri nite ddr and get a bunch of stuff done for work... Amazingly, it was all ok - at least that's what they said... I'm supposed to call sometime this afternoon to see what's going on...

After talking to Taz (during which time I strongly hinted abut dinner), I went to the damn store finally... I usually spend $30-something when I go... But I had really pushed my supplies this time, and I grabbed a few things I usually don't, so... I was over $70 this time...

other than that.... I did some leeching, some burning... uploaded a few things.... played 1 more mission in the Atredies campaign of Emperor... vegged to tv.. there was, at least, an interesting show about wacky world tv....

and ended up just going to sleep on the couch. woke up at like 2:30am and went to bed... woke up at like 5am to get a drink of water.... woke up several more times, but I knew I NEEDED more sleep/relaxation, so I stayed in bed and napped off and on...

I think I'm finally up now for the day... getting hungry. Gonna see if anything looks appetizing.

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