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today was work at hell... or something like that.

I'm about fed up with it all.

mid-Dec can't come too soon.

and if that wasn't bad enough.... not only do I have work politics, I have politics between friends as well...

and the friends I didn't get to visit on vacation as well as the ones I did... well, they're seeming like they'd be great company at this point... All I'd have to do is quit again and go back there... live off of what I've saved...


just a few more months.... before the end of the year... that's all....

anyway, work: blah. forget the details, they're not important.

Rodimus came over to DDR after work. I was actually trying to nap, but since the call woke me up, I said come on over... then THAT PERSON called from work... wanting to "help me out" by continuing the arduous process of updating THE SAME GODDAMN EMAIL WE'VE BEEN FUCKING WORKING ON ALL BLOODY WEEK. But, supposedly, finally... it's sent... ?

Watched Rodimus beat my record on endless. went 60 stages before deciding it was time to go home. damn my aching ankle.

burned a few cds...

earlier I was philosophical about this journal. I was thinking that I wish I had been writing in this 10, maybe 15, years ago... and that my posts had more details about what exactly went on each day. There are sure some things I'd like to be able to look back upon... And there are others that I'm sure I would avoid, but perhaps having them available would help exorcise the negative feelings I currently have.


If ever I play a parental role, I'll have to recommend it.

I really should lie down, relax my back (which was acting up today), ice my ankle (which also was), and perhaps read a book for a change instead of staring at a screen.

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