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what a fucking rotten ass day

although I admit to good highlights here and there...

let's see.... yup, I already covered the morning... so... work... got there, caught up, fielded a few things, then suddenly got drawn into some shit. I had to make a meeting with about 2 hour's notice for managers and such, cancel another meeting I had made for the same time, and ward off some other shit.

Then I went the hell to lunch. G wanted to meet, so we went to H's as usual... Rodimus, R, G, and.... Taz! Well that right there brightened up my day..... Taz promised to go to dinner Fri and stop by for at least a bit of DDR, after...

Then back to hell, er work... nah, hell. Went up to check the room for the meeting I had cancelled, and there was a person who had shown up, since they had been in meetings up until then... so I kicked them out and such... Got the others together in the room, and...

Well, at least we got some shit done. We were basically trying to make sure everyone was working towards the same goals, that any crap the rest of them got was redirected to me or another person whose job it is to deal with crap, and to make sure we all knew not only where we were in all these projects, but what steps were still needing work.

Then I went and typed up one of those big, pretty, this-is-for-you-upper-management-idiots kind of emails... which took probably over an hour, missed another meeting while doing that, and sent it out to the people I had met with to make sure they agreed.

Then I... roamed... chatted a bit with A...

Then I got a call from the person waiting for the email... so I changed some things, added others based of the feedback, and sent it out.... gave a call to inform the person it was sent, and got the hell out of there.

Came home. Talked to K for a bit, which really helped calm me down. Ate pasta. Actually, I was just starting to eat when the phone rang... guess who? Yes, that's right. So I spent 20 minutes discussing about 5 lines of the email, then they got another call... I was on my mobile, so I hung up.

*twiddle* waited for them to call back.

Then Taz called with good news, it seems they might be able to skip drill this weekend and stay later at DDR... yummy... of course they'll have to make it up later.... They also bought a KVM switch and a second speakerphone, so we discussed the new toys and the benefits of company discounts at chain stores for a bit...

Then a wrong-number telemarketing call....

I finished my pasta, watched a bit of History channel.... then called the person back at work.

Lo and behold, they answered... they had been on an emergency call for quite awhile... Anyway, another 45+ mins and 3 interruptions later... We still hadn't gotten past the first section of the email.... and it was after 9pm. So they decided that I should catch up with them tomorrow instead.


This pisses me off, severely. But, at least, I can definitely put ALL the blame on them. I've been asking them about providing this email since Monday. THEY decided that we needed a meeting on Tues. THEY decided that we needed another meeting today. THEY decided to wait until this late to go over the fucking thing. Now THEY want me to try and catch them tomorrow before noon to finish the damn thing.

*I* think it's all bullshit.

I am caught in the middle of a bitter political battle. I don't even know half of what's going on. And yet I have to go out of my way to do this shit? WTF? I provided the information they requested, my part is over. I cannot see the point in doing anything more until they do things they want to do - which is what it comes down to. It all has to be done their way, but they have 1.6 bazillion things to do - each and every one THEIR MOTHERFUCKING WAY. Meanwhile, back in reality, I'm catching a lot of this crap because I'm supposed to be doing these things. But I'm overruled. It's pure corporate political bullshit.


G is still out of work. Trying to find anything in the area. Working on more certifications so that it'll be better once work starts again. Has to wait until Nov 6. Already has a lawsuit ready to go if hiring is blocked then. Me, I've got to stick this shit out until Dec 11 and try to transfer gracefully.


What else... I dunno... I prolly should go offline and read or veg or something... tomorrow could be a fucking long ass day.

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