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Playing God - Sarah Zettel
Heart of Gold - Sharon Shinn
Hackers (novelization of screenplay) - David Bischoff
eXistenZ (novelization of screenplay) - Christopher Priest
Polymorph - Scott Westerfeld
Masque - F. Paul Wilson and Mattew J. Costello
Carpe Jugulum - Terry Pratchett

... all for under $30... I'm dangerous in that damn store.... Yes, these were the aforementioned purchases from Friday.

Interesting tidbit - I do judge books by their covers when selecting which ones to read... Although once I've latched on to an author or series, I tend to keep going regardless from there.

In other news.... I napped... had some ramen... made some calls with regards to work... and called the guy about his website... I don't know if I can handle dealing with him or other such people on a regular basis... I may have to stop this idea of being an independent web development contractor.

ICQing with K... traded some IMs with Rain and Rodimus earlier...

I may have some pasta and veg a bit before I actually crash for the night. I really enjoy K's virtual company.

There's something.. right... about conversing with someone on one level... and then being able to read their thoughts later in their journal about that same time... I don't know if LiveJournal deserves a Nobel Peace Prize or anything, but... it's much better having that window into the person's thoughts than it not being there. Which is not to say it can't be ruined, but when it's handled right... it's a Very Good Thing.

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