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aha more damn details

I knew I'd forgotten some things....

On my first stop for gas, I saw a Darwin Award... this guy was filling up his truck... leaning against the post.... smoking...

On my trip back here, I was out of it and almost got into two wrecks.... which also explains why I have a flat tire...

The first one was a couple of boards in the middle of the highway... one of which was across my lane and had nails sticking up out of it... I did my best to dodge, but I was blocked by a tuck in the other lane, so...

The second was this idiot.... He's driving a home-built carrier truck full of wood chips, towing a chipper/shredder... Going like 85, and the thing is weaving back and forth crazily as he passes trucks and such.... So he's just about past this truck, and I move to pass the truck as well... and the right tire blows on the chipper..... and I mean, BLOWS... fucking tire fragments EVERY-damn-where.... The truck almost locks his wheels, I slam on the brakes and still manage to get pelted with tire fragments and run over a few.... the idiot keeps going... he even accelerates! after a mile or two, he finally realizes something's wrong and nearly cuts off the damn truck to pull over to investigate....

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