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so long


I'm doing those last minute things now... like oh... packing... and laundry... in preparation for my road trip.

This means I should be on the road sometime this evening...

Let me just mention that this is, indeed a Road Trip - I have no definite plans at this point... I am headed in an easterly direction due to the fact that the people I am thinking of visiting live out that way. I have contacted them to say I MIGHT be in the area sometime in the coming week, but that's about it. I will contact the first person as I start to head out, to see if they'll be around when I arrive.... and then after that, who knows? I may sleep in the car... I may find a hotel... I may just crash with family/friends... I don't really care that much right now. I just want to get away...

And after all the CRAP at work these past few weeks, I don't want to be bound by a plan or a schedule or anything else. I just want to relax, enjoy, and have FUN.

so that's how it is. I'm not planning on posting at all from the road, so I'll probably give a summary on my return.

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