Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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work went pretty fast
had lunch with S
talked with A
L didn't call
after work went to rat shack and got a soldering iron, browsed microcenter, and bought some rope light at home depot.
then stopped by Rain's... played some SSX with the roommate, Rain finally came in, then we came back here to mod... mods didn't work as advertised, but we installed 3 anyways... dropped Rain off, came home to catch up on things.. now it's late, I really didn't have dinner, the dishes are pretty much dirty and just need to start the washer... and tired...

luckily I've got nothing at work until afternoon tomorrow.

need to pay bills and catch up on webdev for $.

wed off work, so also have to wrap some things up before then.

talked to Ankh, Jingoro, Redneckninja, and Thenarus about 5th-7th visit...

hmm played app32 against Jingoro last night...

ummm... sleep

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