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Time for a rant

It's time to end societal pressure to be a bleeding heart. Forget "Human Interest" stories on the news, forget "Political Correctness" (now THAT's and oxymoron), and most of all DO NOT PRETEND OUR BASE BIOLOGICAL INSTICTS ARE A BAD THING.

I, for one, am sick of the constant hand-holding bigotry of society. Society doesn't live my life. Society doesn't pay my bills. Society doesn't entertain me. In fact, I can proudly declare myself anti-social.

Society is dumbing itself down, ignoring the base issues, and fascinated with quick fixes. How can it survive? It can't. I learned several years ago that idealism should die. Part of me died then, and I realized that all those things that I learned to expect from life won't be happening. At least, not as popular society would like them to.
How else can you explain infomercials, tabloids and talk shows? They attach themselves to the lowest common denominator and fester like a cancerous growth. Yet we see them more and more every day. If society (and the government) were really looking out for our best interests, they would outlaw these things. Yet they don't.

Why not? What is outlawed instead? It's simple - anything that allows corporations to make money unchecked is allowed, and anything that limits or prohibits or could possibly ever hinder that profit growth is outlawed.
Society is coming to the point that it doesn't examine anything passed to it. If it's on tv, in the newspaper, or can be found on the web somewhere.. well then if the government or a corporation is saying it it's true. If some individual somewhere is saying it, then it's not.

Here's a quick list of things that should be illegal, but are not: Not raising and educating a child, producing a treatment for a medical ailment instead of a cure, being a politician, being a lawyer, interfering with a person's privacy on any level in any location without due notice, exploiting a legal loophole, prescription drugs, inflated pricing, tax dollars used to let criminals live for year after year, etc...

Here's a quick list of things that should not be illegal, but are: Recreational drugs, speeding, jaywalking, contempt of court, retaliatory murder, media piracy, etc...

Am I getting the point across? Can you see how screwed up things are? Why is a person not allowed to kill themselves, but if they kill another, then every taxpayer has to pay for them to live the rest of their life behind bars? Why can't a criminal choose their own exit? Why can't we keep them for a certain number of years (5), release them back into society, and if they screw up again, they're history (not news)? Seems reasonable to me.

Why do we need endless levels of government and red tape? Rather, why do we have to pay for it? Why do we have to pay tax after tax on everything we do? What happened to taxation without representation? Let's have a single tax - one bracket, one tax. Either tax me on what I make or what I buy, not both. Let me choose where my tax money goes - into schools and roads and parks - not into prisons and politicians and bureaucracy.

Let me live my life with my family how I choose - if I want to discipline my child by using a belt, why can't I? If I try to strangle them with it, that's a different matter - but how will an outsider ever understand the difference? If the kid can say "my parent hit my with a belt when I was bad" that's fine, and everyone should understand and allow that. If the child says "my parent threw me into the wall and strangled me with the belt for no reason" what can be done? Really, does anyone truly know what happened? No. But should something be done? Probably. What would hurt worse, to break up the family, or to have a dead child a year later? Tough choice.

Part of the reason society is so screwed up is the fact that accountability, responsibility, honor, truth no longer appear in the vocabulary. Society doesn't want outstanding people who could change the world, nor independents, nor does it want people who no longer touch reality - even if that's what society seems to be actively working towards.
Let's change things. The news should be abolished. I don't need to see violence and puppies back to back every day. In fact, reporters are one of the lowest forms of life on the planet, as far as I'm concerned. Reporters exist to invade lives, period. Invading someone's life should be a felony. If a person wants to be heard, wants to be on the news, then let them take the initiative to have a camera crew and reporter come out, or go into the news office themselves. This would allow news to come straight from the source instead of being interpreted 5th hand.

Sports broadcasts on TV should have no in-between time filler. Either the athletes are playing the sport, or they're taking a break. Leave them to their business. I know the last thing I would want is to sit and answer questions from some idiot after I've just finished a game. I need a damn shower and some dinner, then sex and sleep. Talk to me the next day when I've recovered, asshole. I don't care what the hell kind of stats like "this person is the only one in this league to score 1 point on games in months beginning with the letter j on odd-numbered days with full moons." And the other crap they invent. I really don't care about their home/personal life - it's their private life, and should be kept as such.

Paparazzi are also scum. They should be thrown in jail with 24/7 live broadcasts for a few years, and see if they continue doing that shit. The few times in history rogue reporters have caught something is not worth having them around constantly invading people's privacy.

Laws are really screwed up. Everyone laughs at the stories where the person who committed the crime actually wins a case against the victims... but no one tries to solve the underlying problem. As far as I'm concerned, if you've committed a crime - particularly a violent one - you've given up your rights for the foreseeable future. That's the way it is now, but no one likes to admit it. Watch Cops, or the world's worst criminals - once they've screwed up, no one is gentle with them. The underlying problem is that the police simply are no longer respected. Fix that, first. Then see how many people run.

Society is slowly giving up its freedoms in order to get on with allowing the world to pass it by.

I'm all for living your life as you want. Make your choices, and stick to them. Great. But one of your choices is not to interfere with my life and tell me how to live it - I don't care if it is through law, religion, tv, meetings, counseling, driving, or any other means. If we have a problem there, it's because someone wasn't taught proper respect for people. And it wasn't me, because I worry altogether too much about how I treat others.

These pressures include relationships and marriage. You know what? Marriage is simply a legal thing now, let's treat it as such. Marriage should be a contract between two or more people to share their lives for a certain period of time, with option to renew. That's it. If you want a religious ceremony, go ahead and have one. Pre-nup is standard, with no loopholes. Child support is agreed to in advance, and must be used to support the child.

I suppose the main point here is that I'd rather not have someone telling me what I need to do to live my life. If I want to drown my sorrows in substance abuse, let me. If it kills me, then fine - that's the path I chose. If I want to go out in a certain way, why should anyone want to stop me? My life is MINE, not yours. If you want to sit around all day and watch soap operas and dating stories instead of leaving the house to find a date on your own, who am I to tell you not to? I might think you should, but I'm not going to forbid you to do what you honestly want to do.

I find it amusing that there's always a scapegoat for the world's problems. For some reason, we are convinced that our society can't do wrong. Even though history proves that every society ignores its own problems until they can't be ignored anymore - then a revolution or a coup or a civil war or something happens to wake people up. And then, for a few years, people tread carefully so as not to trigger another one... but gradually it fades, and people get to greedy and needy and oblivious again.

Where are we going? Is it someplace new? I don't think so. Instead of using the momentum and energy we had all those years ago when we got into space and onto the moon, we're just sitting around producing trinkets and vegetating. There are so many people who used to speculate on where we'd be in 2001... It certainly wasn't still earthbound. By all rights, we should be traveling between galaxies and trading with alien races, robot partners by our sides. Instead we've got talk shows and cell phones and furbies. There is a huge difference in where we could be and where we are.

And mine, I'll admit. I mean, I haven't exactly been motivating myself and others to DO SOMETHING, have I? Nope, I've just been wallowing in depression and self pity and senseless anger for perceived slights. Do you realize the legal system has us making sure we can place blame on everyone but ourselves? Instead of forgiving, forgetting, and getting on with life.. we're stuck in decade-long trials of suits and countersuits that serve no one but the lawyers. If something is done, it's done. If it's broke fix it, if it isn't, then move on. But don't sit back and bitch and not do anything and expect everything to magically work itself out.

Life is not TV. Life is not the movies. Life is not the internet. Life is not books. Life is not music. Life is not games. Life is not love. Life is not marriage. Life is not religion.

Life is a balance of everything. That means reading, watching, listening, conversing, loving, and most of all living. IF you aren't happy in your life, then change something. Try it out for awhile - do something completely different from your normal routine, and see if your outlook on life changes, if happiness once again becomes a part of your life. It's amazing, the wondrous feeling of discovery, of experiencing something for the first time. You'll never have it if you do the same thing every day of your life. Bring some of that back.

I have an addiction to collecting and trying new things. I have at one time or another amassed quite sizeable collections of many different things. Each time, I was sure this would be the only collection that mattered to me, that I would keep it safe and secure and organized forever. And each time, I got bored with it and moved on. Some I sold, some I kept... But each time I found something new, it was that same feeling of wonder and excitement all over again.

Whether it was coins or cards or videotapes or LDs or software or hardware or magazines or tennis or bowling or golf or fencing.... It was all new to me. And now I have a broad range of experiences to go back on. Recently, I revived my own interest in fencing, golf, and tennis by talking with friends who have similar interests - because I had those experiences I now have people who want to play these sports with me. And because I used to play them, and they used to play them, or always wanted to learn... It makes me feel that much better to be able to share those things with others.

Same with most of the THINGS I own... They are enjoyable by myself, but it's so much better to be able to share with others. I love playing videogames with others. Currently, DDR is such fun when everyone comes over to dance with me I can't even believe we used to just sit and talk about other things. Now he have DDR to focus around, just like we used to watch Anime or play MTG. I know that eventually it will wear out and something else will replace it, but there is ALWAYS someone new to introduce it to, even if the core group moves on.

I am a strange sort of competitive. I like informal competitions, and dislike official ones. I also can be a real bitch when I win, or lose for that matter. Somewhere in my past was a drive to win, and a need to avoid failure. It didn't turn out for the best, but I understand it and try to avoid being the asshole. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Either way, I try to get in and play again to be sporting.

And sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. What is wrong with it? It's a biological imperative. It's fun, it's good, it happens every day. Why should it be hidden? Why shouldn't children see and be educated at an early age? We KNOW FOR A FACT that they will be experimenting anyway, usually before they're ready to understand and accept it. Why shouldn't the prepatory work be done by society? This stupid hang up about it has to change. US television and radio need to stop playing footsie and get laid.

Corporations are quite possibly the second worst invention ever, after governments. They're just as meddling and even more powerful... But they also have more to lose from public image than any government ever will, because their profits can drop overnight and never be recovered, while governments can still collect taxes.

I am not cut out to be a wage slave. Yet, I am one. This disturbs me. Back when I had a job that I enjoyed, I would want to come to work because it was stimulating. Now that I don't care for my job as much, I can't believe I'm still doing it. I refuse to be someone who is stuck behind a desk for the next few dozen years just to pull down a paycheck. If my company really and truly cared for me, they would transfer me to a different department where I could actually use my skills and have a much more suitable work environment. As it is, I am a glorified baby-sitter whose position requires the skills of a talking monkey.

This kind of shit really needs to stop. Everywhere I look, there are examples of behavior that society should not be allowing if it was acting true to is premise. How can a spiritually pure religious figure be cheating thousands out of money, and then keep doing it even after being revealed for what they are? How can a company ask its employees to cut costs while wasting millions each day on useless crap? How can a politician say they will work for the people if they've never met them, and don't have the power to in any case? How can a advertisement state something is free when there's a charge hidden somewhere in the fine print?

You want this kind of thing to end. I want this kind of thing to end. So do it, change society.

---well that should last me a good three days of posting.

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