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I live for the weekends

because hanging out with Morphine, Hunnybee, Rain, T, Rodimus, S and crew is a helluva lotta fun.

I realized precisely why I've stopped going to apt community events - they were starting to seem like obligations instead of fun events.... So when I got a call earlier asking if I was going to the party tonight, I said maybe and that I had worka nd such to do..

My ankle isn't any better. I did use my wrist wraps as a makeshift ankle brace, which helped it not get injured any more, I hope...

My old DDR pads are really about dead. In fact, one is safely so... I took them over because I didn't' feel up to the bother of dis/re-assembling the DX pads... and one works.. sorta.. the other appeared to have a short... so we did some emergency surgery which helped a bit at first, and then pretty much killed it...

ummmmmm other stuff... can't recall.... I'm thirty, tired, and sore... I didn't DDR, and spent much time lounging and not walking or jumping around...

oh and I'm liking Emporer Battle for Dune...

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