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party's over

I'm glad it went well... everyone who attended assured me that they had fun and that we should od it again soon...

My neighbord did complain about the excessive bass at one point, so I may have to look into spending some $$$ to soundproof my bedroom and isolate my bass from the rest of the world.

my kitchen counters are a mess, but that's an easy fix.. everythign else seems to be ok..
although I need ot figure out where the wet spot in the carpet came from.... I'm guessing the air conditioner is leaking.

I'm already in that post-party funk... *pout*

But I suppose a good many hours of sleep should fix that.

For the local ppls, next party I have I think we'll hav eroom for y'all as well... I was a bit hesitant at first because of the umber of attendees and such.. small area, lots of people can be bad...

maracas didn't come in, bnut HotD2 with guns was a hit... and DDR and even BAG2....

Good time all around.

something else I Was gonn say...

oh yeah

Strip DDR is a whole lotta fun
I can't wait to see the pics...

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