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ok, so.... I skipped most of my calls... fell asleep during one, and just figured I'd get the last 1 or 2 to make sure it was ok... and somehow I did... of course the first call was "hmmm, we have a problem.. how are we going to fix it within the next hour?" then finally they got it sorted out and everything was kosher right on time... go team.

So I went back to sleep for a bit, but really I didn't get nearly enough sleep, and I couldn't get back to sleep after I got up, so... bleh.

Of course I was achy and fighting a headache all day... Not sure if it was hangover, lack of sleep, lack of food, or what... prolly all of the above. I'm still not feeling that great, but I've done what I can.. Trying to stay up fairly late so I can sleep all the better. I figure I can go ahead and call in sick tomorrow if I really can't make it in.

I did get laundry done today, but that's about it. I should have done some other stuff but oh well. I am a bit sore from all the DDR yesterday.. I cramped up on one of my calls... and I did take a bit of a nap I think sometime midday...

Spent some more money tonight on addons for psx stuff.... I think my online purchase credit card is maxed now... Only a few day's worth of shopping... but that's why I like it, it's got a low limit just in case...

Hmmm sounds like the next wave of storms is just starting to hit.. hopefully that will help me sleep better.

I forget what I posted re: yesterday's party, so...

Let's see, I had to run to the store because they needed a few extra things... So I did that and arrived around 2:00pm, just like I figured. Got DDR set up and relaxed. I'll have to say this, playing DDR on a 65" widescreen TV is an experience.

Eventually, people started to arrive, and we did a little DDR show off.... then idled until more people showed up.... finally we started DDR up again with a bit of showing off, and had newbie up trying it. I believe everyone was impressed with the game in at least some aspect... Even if we didn't quite get everyone to play.

Then food started going, and I managed the heating of my now-tepid curry... There was much anticipation from the crowd about it... and thankfully, this batch turned out well enough that they were all impressed. *beam*

The rest of the food was wonderful as well... Rodimus is very good at cooking a variety of things. And the dishes that other people brought were very good too. I ate quite a bit.

The rest of the evening was spent on DDR, watching others do DDR, playing darts, Dragon's Lair, Xevious, Space Ace, a few things on MAME, taking, chatting, drinking, joking, and inhaling second hand smoke outside.

Finally, it was time to head out... and I believe I posted right after I got back.. so.. yeah.

Hmmm, what else.... dunno, I'm starting to slow down, which is good... I guess I'll see if there is any more from the French Open on TV in the next few minutes.. That's pretty good to sleep to.

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