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there will either be entirely too much or too little of me on here this weekend.

just got done with my first conference call of the weekend... and the person running it wasn't there... so I end up calling their home number to get them on... what a great start, eh?

we've another call in just over an hour.. I think I might want to start cooking curry here in a few so that I'll be able to make that call...

gotta leave here around 2 or so at the latest in order to have some pre-party time to test out the ddr setup and such...

I'm not sure what to wear... it's kinda bleh outside, so we'll prolly be indoors.. and dancing.. for most of the evening... but it is a party involving people at work... hmmmm, gotta find a balance there... what I'd really like to do is have some lightweight dance costume, but that's not gonna happen in the next few hours.

I ordered a bunch of crap last night... DDR, DDR2nd, DDR4th, DDD, HotD2+gun, maracas, taichi psone cover, new dc shell.... and I did pre-order Akira special limited edition in the tin the other day as well...

Amazing what I do when I'm bored and think I have money.

I just hope I don't get addicted to keyboardmania, guitar freaks, or beatmania.... that's another metric shit ton of stuff to buy...

for the DDRers, Extra Mix is coming out RSN!!!!! can't wait, although I really haven't heard much about it yet...

hmmm.. yeah.. gonna check out my daily dose of web comics and such.. then get cooking or packing up ddr or something..

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