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good/bad, kinda average sorta day

yeah, woke up with that dread of work kinda thing... wasted a bit of time watching some kung fu flick on tv before I realized I really should get to work so I could be at the first meeting on time.

first meeting was lame... lots of "well, I didn't get to that, but I will..." and "oh look what I did, it took me 5 minutes to accomplish and should have been done months ago, but I did it!"

then I idled until lunch.. most ppl canceled, so it was just 3 of up, P, J, and I... went to Chinese, of course... was good and good time..

Team meeting was a tour of the bunker, which was mildly interesting for all of 5 minutes... I mean, really... once you've seen one corporate data center with battery back up and redundant power...

then idled until my surprise one-on-one that I found out about when I got to work... it seems some person took offense at my actions/non-actions at a certain meeting or two *shrug*.. team lead was perfectly fine with how I addressed it, so no big deal there. Then we chatted about some other things and real, live "improvement opportunities" which basically consisted of doing paperwork differently.

That made me late to my next meeting, but I was only the second to arrive... 2 others were even later. that lasted until something like 5:30....

But I did manage to get a ticket put in so I can forward my desk phone to my mobile, and I now have access to my work email and calendar from my mobile...

I went over to my insurance agency to pay my car insurance, but they were already closed... came home to find a message from Haha saying my payoff check FINALLY got there.. only 3 weeks late, is it?

Now I'm thinking between my back pain and RTS flare up that I should veg elsewhere except in fron of this screen... perhaps catch another showing of the kung fu flick and have some dinner or something...

I may have to go to the store later, I'm taking curry to the party on Sat... I also need gas... hmmm, I may just procrastinate until tomorrow sometime instead.

I need to do more work on the website, I did get some of the images incorporated, but I really need to resize/optimize and other such tidbits... also need to start adding colors and other images to spice it up a bit. I can't wait much longer, I'm already a week behind schedule.

L is confusing me, but I'm pretty much taking a stand back and wait sort of attitude. When L calls me next, then we'll see.. but this making plans and then them falling through without notice or response thing is to old.

S... hmm I'm really not sure about S... there's things in the works there, and I really think they need to step up to the plate and make them happen.. it would be much better for all involved... sadly, that really doesn't include me. Or maybe that's a good thing?

A... I'm seeing more and more where a relationship prolly wouldn't last, so I may have to reexamine that whole thing to decide my attitude there.

I'm sure by now word has gotten out to the apt community of the brief summary of hell (i.e. busy and sick) so I shouldn't be bothered by them for another week or so...

Hmm, what else... I know there's more I want to get down, but I can't recall atm...

Oh yeah, I am rereading Grunts by Mary Gentle.... nothing fits like an old friend... that book has been overseas with me, and a constant companion for years... I love it, even if I'm starting to notice more and more of the continuity and such errors that abound. I really need to go through and mark the quotes again...

Hmmm... yeah, that should cover it for now, time to start the pasta.

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