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after last night's insomnia.. I really didn't want to get up and go to work. Actually, I planned on working from home today... But someone has a burr up their ass and called a meeting in... less than an hour... with some moderately important people. Since I'm on the "required to attend" list I figured I'd better go ahead and go in... Even though there's a dial-in number.

Back is still achy, I'll have to come back home and take it easy today, especially if I'm going to help Rodimus move stuff around tonight... Oh yeah, Rodimus did call last night and I now know the secret... *shrug* It'll be interesting.

Hmm I've got a rant, but I know right now I'm just stalling so that it'll be too late to leave and I'll have to stay hoem and call in... So as a preemptive measure, I'm going to go get dressed and get my ass to this meeting.

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