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I come home from work finally... get lunch.... attend my conference call... and promptly go to bed to sleep and relax the back, which has been killing me all day.

Then RedneckNinja calls, asking about voicemail on the phone when out of town... I lie back down, expecting Rodimus to call next.. but strangely, that doesn't happen.

So I suppose I should have something for dinner, stretch/XR Size, and do some webdev work on that site...

Rodimus is being somewhat mysterious about things this week/end... I'm supposed to make time wed/thurs to help arrange things... and some thing are being delivered... Rodimus isn't saying what exactly they are... I suppose I'll be finding out wed/thurs/fri when I go help set up... and set up DDR as well... Sat should be a blast.

hmm, what else... oh, had some discussion time with S and A at work... things are looking grim... we're all very dissatisfied with they way things are going.. and to comment to the boss about a teamlead is to have the teamlead be told directly what was said by whom - and then have them deny everything.....

I hate politics. I hate community politics. I hate friend politics. I hate family politics. But I really really hate corporate politics.

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