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well I did vacuum... and unpacked another few boxes of stuff and rearranged.... and burned CDs... and such... been vegging mostly though...

got a call from one of the apt ppl "Hey, we're down at the pool, and there's some hot people in skimpy suits asking where you are.... come on down!" I was touched, but still in an antisocial mood so didn't go.

I'm almost feeling balanced, finally... that sort of inner peace kinda thing and all... but not quite...

I did manage to resize the images the other day after I got them, so I need to put them into the pages I've been messing with, hopefully have something to show off to the people this week.

What else... oh, Oz called fron Noo Joisey... Bored, of course... talked for about an hour, until cell battery got low... I just realized that that may have gone against daytime mins.. oops..

hmm and rents called... last night... forgot about that...

well now that I've unpacked all these books, I'm thinking I should pick one out to read... turn the tv and such off and just enjoy solitude, silence, and complete lack of pressure to do anything....

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