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Yesterday's dream

I was on some kind of trip with a lot of other people - sort of like a field trip in college. We were in a boxcar, I think... All stuffed in there with our stuff - and we had a LOT of stuff. We're cruising along down the tracks, then somehow our stuff starts escaping - like we hit something? Anyway.

We all get out to pick up our stuff, and put it in our own personal heaps until we can repack it in the boxcar. Then this car runs over my stuff, which was at the edge of the track. I get pissed, and notice that he has headphones as he passes us. I look down, find the cord to his headphones, and hold onto it as he keep driving away. The headphones come off, and I gather them up and throw them up into a tree on the other side of the tracks. The guy stops, yelling, and gets out of the car to go find his headphones.

The rest of us pack our stuff back into the boxcar and head off down the tracks. I look out, and the guy is still hunting for his headphones.

That's about when I woke up.

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