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I suppose I should document this

yet another failure in the kitchen....


it just goes to show that I am unable to cook anything that requires an attention span longer than a rabid horny ferret on speed....


I mean, seriously... WTF?

This almost beats the ramen... or fried eggs... the pasta I still blame on the pot....

Also I ruined my spatula as well. and nearly ruined my pan.

so forget all the rest of that shit I was thinking I could do, I'm sticking with the microwave and boiling water.


hmm I had something I was thinking while trying to get to sleep last night.. what was it...

Oh yeah, I read something somewhere that in order to combat insomnia, you need to use the bed for only one thing - sleep. Oh, and sex... Whatever I was reading mentioned it pretty much like that... And I was thinking "well, damn... that's like saying use the bathroom only for toiletries... and sex... or the kitchen only for cooking... and sex... and the laundry room for laundry... and sex..."

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