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getting shit done

for some reason today I just went and got shit done.

Sent some bills in, went to the store, rearranged boxes of crap and broke down empty boxes, cleaned the stove, cleaned the counters, did dishes, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, etc...

Wonder why the mood came upon me?

went to Chinese for lunch.. alone... it's been awhile since I did that. A was very concerned for my health, which was nice. I didn't finish lunch, so I took the leftovers to work with me, then had them for dinner when I came home. Although since I didn't eat breakfast, I still ended up having pasta later for "dinner".... But only a half bowl, instead of the usual full one. My metabolism is seriously screwed atm. Hopefully, it means it's speeding up, but I'm not betting on it.

I've been cold the past couple nights for some reason.. turns out I thought I had set the thermostat to heat, instead it was off. Doh.

Have to be at work on time tomorrow.. We have some charity mini golf thing and I'm supposed to be in co-charge of construction for our group.

Kohan just isn't as great multiplayer... The campaign was very enjoyable, but I just can't get a handle on MP... I set a bunch of computer players against each other and pumped it up to 1600% speed to watch them, but didn't really learn anything from it.

Wonder what my next obsession will be...

I'm stuck right now financially... I'm not used to the car payment being a monthly thing, so I'm not sure how much fun money I've got left. That, and paying off the rents, plus rent, plus cc bills and utilities that I've been neglecting... Which reminds me, ALL utilities should have auto-payment... Of course I no longer trust the phone company to do that, so I'm still on manual there.

I still need to redo my auto-deposits at work so that more goes to the account I'll be paying for the car from, and some goes into my other higher interest savings... Besides there's some paperwork I need to do when the team lead gets back from vacation that requires I get back into that system.

Too many passwords.

I've been trying to get the graphics for that web page I'm contracting for, but the printing company contact I have seems to be an idiot. Friday, they were moving.. fine. Monday they hadn't located the images yet... ummm ooook. Tuesday they realize they're to big to email, they have no ftp/web capability, so they have to burn a cd and send.. fine. They promise UPS next day.. great. Today they sent some driver into town on errands and the idiot couldn't find my place to drop it off - not that I was home, mind you... So they suddenly decide to UPS it.. like they had promised yesterday. Seeing as how it was about closing time last I talked to them, and evidently the driver hadn't spoken to them since, they probably won't be handing it over until midday tomorrow, so I won't get it until midday on Fri.... And I was supposed to have something done this week for the page. Blah. Granted, part of the problem was the hell week I had last week so I didn't manage to call them until Fri. Ah well.

Hmmm, what else?

Oh, I can't remember if I wrote this or not... S from the apt office called yesterday, apologizing for going off on me the previous week about the pics I had posted. S said that they hadn't seen me in awhile and were wondering if I was ok. I just blew it off as if I had other things going on, and promised to talk it all out later.

I'm not sure whether to be scared or to have warm fuzzies.

True, last week I was about to say "fuck you" to the entire world and go off into my own little corner... Even if it meant breaking everything I have here. Now, I'm reasonably glad I didn't, but... Something still doesn't feel quite right, and I'm not just meaning my stomach pains.

There are, I decided, 3 types of stress.

A from the Chinese place was worried I might have an ulcer, even if they couldn't recall the word for it. So am I. That's why I went to the store - milk, orange juice, and vitamins... I picked up other stuff.

I have no idea how much money I spend in a typical week.

I've been trying to decide which new toy take priority now that I've got the car. I want a monster machine to do video editing and such, and I'd like to get it while prices on memory and such are reasonably cheap, considering the rumors of a price hike RSN.... But I nearly went and bought a metric shit ton of DVDs, CDs, videogames, etc... Or other things... or save it...

Too many options.

Hmm, migraine just said hello, then turned its back and left. I probably should have a little snack, milk, vitamins, etc... And veg to something and get to bed early. Not sure it'll happen, but I can try.

I did finish reading The Man Who Fell To Earth, loaned to me by Rodimus. It was good, but I really did see most of it coming... I suppose I'll have to watch the movie now, if for no other reason than the gratuitous sex that wasn't present in the novel, just to see how much they stretched it.

Hmm... Yeah.

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