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surprising how things work out sometimes....

For the record, I fully intended to go into work and attend all my calls today. Even without any real motivation, I figured putting in some sort of face time would be a good idea. That, and I was going to get my plates from the car place which is over past work anyways, so it was a 2-for-1 kinda deal.

I didn't.

First of all, my first call was cancelled unbeknownst to me. Then Rodimus called about lunch.. We went to J's... By the time we got served, I knew I wasn't going to make the call. So we wandered over to BB to shop... didn't buy anything. Then we were about to split up, but Rodimus was heading home for like an hour, so I figured why not.. Still plenty of time to come back and stop by work and get the plates...

Well the Orkin man didn't show up for an hour and a half... so 2 hours later we leave there. By that time it wasn't really worth bothering with going anywhere else. So we did some DDR then went to dinner with S. Chinese of course. Sorry to the KC folk, but Chinese will always sound better than Joe's.

Then we went to the other BB in town. Rodimus and S were using coupons. There was some room left, so I had them get me a copy of Leon: The Professional International Uncut Version. This is the same thing I was going to buy several years ago on LD that was like $125. This was considerably cheaper. I also got 4 Weddings & A Funeral 'cuz hell, it was $10. And a new 264 CD binder. I like the new design of them, much better than the old ones, and that extra page is handy too.

Then S headed home, Rodimus came back here to veg for a few, then decided that going home and watching a movie with S took priority. Heh. Meanwhile, I was having discussions with Morphine and Hunnybee about possibly doing some DDR or.... something. I, of course, suggested coming over here for DDR. At first, they were going to have people over to watch movies.... Then they decided that since no one else was around, coming over for DDR and/or movies sounded pretty good.. So now I'm just waiting for a call or for them to arrive....

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