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a day

do I really even need to point out that work sucked?
although, I admit, I actually had a somewhat pleasant time today. I was actively engaged in some discussions on improving processes... which in theory will cut out a bunch of redundant work and other BS and make work life much better...

Went to lunch with L and Rod... Chinese of course... it's kind of strange... when it's the 3 of us, it's a whole lot of fun and perversion.... when it's just L and I... it's fun... but it seems as if sexuality is a closed issue.... Anyway, we were discussing the merits and pitfalls of going a bit further than friends... seems like a reasonable step, but it is not being taken lightly... it's that whole issue about what ifs.. and then fallout... and BS that happens then. I'm not sure, really.. I would definitely like to give it a try... but I can understand the hesitation... and if it's going to be added stress, then why bother? I'd rather be able to relax.

back to work... bleh. there was not much really... the only interesting conversation was basically a continuation of the earlier one, and happened right when I had to run to another meeting, so it got cut short...

home... the apt complex tv channel is working.. it's a lot like the hotel channel you get when traveling.. it's stormy out.. I need to open the windows and get some ozone...

hmmm.... need to get gas, go to the store, and get a few things done for work...

Rodimus and perhaps Rain might stop by tonight for DDR. I've got ramen for dinner... then again, I'm still feeling mostly full from lunch.. a bit of water should keep me going for quite awhile.


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