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the good, the bad, and the sickly

attempted to get to work before 9am for a change.... made it. On my way out, some of the apt ppl were standing outside handing out coffe, oj, and donuts to everyone leaving for work... did I mention this complex kicks ass?

Got to work... and everyone was standing around for one of Mr Director's thank you thingies.... and they had donuts... I was like, WTF.... hardly ever see donuts, and suddenly they all come on one day... I was also thinking of stopping by this morning and picking some up for the crew, myself.. Glad I didn't.

So anyway, they changed the way we do weekly reports, and it amounted to all of us sitting in the room at the same time just wasting time waiting for our turn. Hopefully they'll try something else next time.

Went to lunch with... 10 other people, including Rodimus, Rain, and the crew... also took one of my other teammates, J, who hadn't been introduced to the wonderful Chinese place... J was impressed. It was a good lunch.

Got back to work, waited for my 2:00 meeting with the "Process Improvement" person... what a crock. I mean, it's a good theory (like so many other things at the company), but I doubt their actual effective usefulness. They questioned me on a few things, and were surprised at some of my responses such as "Well, if you want me to do every project perfectly correct and with all backup plans and documentation, etc... then cut my workload in half. With 20+ projects at a time at a supposed average of 2.5 hours a week in a 40 hour workweek.... I don't have time to do anything that doesn't directly relate to getting my projects done ASAP." I was pretty irritated at them, because not only did they not ask the right questions, they didn't let me stay on topic long enough to warm up and get into what was broken and needed to be fixed. They ended up with a brief "high level" overview of some basic problems, and that's it. If they did that for everyone, then I'm sure nothing good will come out of it.

Anyway, then I came home and logged in to work email and got on a conference call... chatted a bit with Jingoro, got bitched out by Sabs for not attending the wedding, and took a nap. Woke up, ate.... checked the mail... watched The Replacement Killers, ate.... watching hockey and burning cds, etc...

I'm feeling kinda ill... So I'll prolly try to get more sleep tonight and so some light stretching and XR sizing instead of DDR. Besides, neither Rodimus or Rain came over to DDR today...

Hmm, oh yeah, also got part of my Dr Demento fan kit in... Really all I wanted was the CD, but I'll prolly scan the autographed photo and the bumper sticker.

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