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slept in, woke up... went to hang at the apt office, no one there to hang with but got roped into tennis.

played tennis, had to stop at 4-4 because I had to get work done.

did work. lots of work. many email and phone calls and such.

lunch, went out with Rodimus and K... was late getting back, didn't miss much on the call...

called L, we're supposed to hook up early next week.

went in to work to be in person for a meeting... then took the long long way to the car dealership... test drove a few cars, discussed options... looks like I'll be leasing a new car starting sometime next week.

home now, time for food... not much going on tonight, golf early tomorrow.. gotta leave at 7:30am...

I should get back out and get gas, go to the bank for some $, store for food for tomorrow afternoon's BBQ, and clean up the clubs and such... make sure I've got supplies, etc...

prolly won't

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