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the big meetings was long, drawn-out, boring, and had many cases of voluntary embarrassment... oh and getting out of the parking lot was a bitch, too...

came home, vegged, played some tennis against S.. I barely won 7-6, (7-3 tiebreak). S was better than expected, and I really had to serve myself out of trouble on several occasions. You ever notice how when you're competing against certain people, your game just gets better? That's how it was... I was down by 3 games at one point, but I just kept playing better, and S made more errors... that allowed me to win in the end... but it was very close. I am proud of the one perfect server I did - lots of heat, perfect accuracy right down the T... It was that moment when everything came together and it just felt RIGHT... Too bad that doesn't happen more often. I did also give away many points due to double faults. I tend to get over conservative on the second serve in the later games.

Anyways... Not sure what else is going on, really... I finished watching A Better Tomorrow, watched some hockey, etc... Got a call from my credit card about some new credit protection thing, which includes a free credit report... Talked to apt mgt about my car bottoming out in the garage and the lack of gutters... Both of which they're aware of, but have been vetoed on.

Hmmm... I guess that's about it for now. I need to figure out finances and get the car cleaned up for my fri apt at the dealership. Work tomorrow will hopefully go fast. Still not sure when I'm going to be able to hang out with L... Prolly DDR with Rodimus tomorrow night.

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