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well today sucked.
work sucked, I mean....

had meetings and such until about 12:30, which actually flew by pretty fast, so I'm not really that blah about it...

came home to eat lunch and nap before a 3:00 call, then did various things for awhile.. I ended up emailing a dealership about a car, and they called me back around 6:30 or so to set up a time on fri to discuss options and trade in value, etc... I'm still not sure yet whether I should lease or buy... atm, leasing sounds so much better for several reasons, not the least of which is the reduced cost - I think I'll be saving more in monthly payments than the vehicle would be worth as a trade in by the time the lease is over.

talked to L, who had to work tonight of course... so I'm waiting for a call back whenever L actually has free time.

did my daily ddr... took a shower... now just sorts idling, watching hockey.. I started A Better Tomorrow earlier and was also playing some Majesty.

kinda strange mood atm, might have something to do with last night's dream... it was VERY intense... and involved a resolution of the whole Strawberry situation at last... too vivid for comfort, I suppose.

tomorrow is the big all hands meeting at work. the 2 saving graces of this are: 1) we're required to drop everything and go for the entire day, and 2) its a western theme, which means comfortable jeans and such... other than that, it'll be a long boring day with most of us battling to stay awake I'm sure.

time to wind down and eventually nod off.

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