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work sucks

and today, lunch did too.. in some ways... I got a cancel from a coworker, no big deal.. then another... but I had invited plenty, so still no worries... so I get to the restaurant, sit down at a table for 6... and wait... talk to all the waitstaff, and wait... finally get a call "we're not coming, and no one else is either..." so I had lunch alone... A the waiter was a bit miffed about the loss of tips, of course...

I did find out that A used to be a very good tennis player, and sometimes picks up extra cash as a coach... We're supposed to play on Sun.

L called back, and we're hanging out tomorrow night.

Talked to S, and we're supposed to play tennis as soon as it gets warmer again, which looks like Wed-Thurs at this point...

and gold EARLY Sat morning, with a BBQ at the clubhouse sat afternoon...

gonna be a busy but fun week/end... now if only work would disappear...

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