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Sometimes I hate IRC

The reason is this: approximately half the channels I frequent are run by egotistical assholes that tend to from upon my opinions... and sometimes, my mere presence. Now I'm not one to antagonize, Troll, or otherwise stick up waiting to be pounded. I tend to idle, observe, and only comment when I actually have something to say. For some reason, I have been kicked and banned from a few channels for no apparent reason. I was simply idling, like everyone else, or adding my comments to the current discussion.

The other half of the channels I'm in are with assholes I can deal with most of the time, and kicking/banning ends up being all in good (if immature) fun. If someone irritates me, well.. that's what /ignore is for, right?

Anyway, I got into a "discussion" (read: argument) tonight about a certain event I started a few years ago. Ever since, I've been dealing with crap put out by these egotistical assholes I mentioned above. Well, someone mentioned it in this channel, and despite the fact I was headed for bed, I just couldn't let it go. So I replied, somehow editing the choice words I first typed before actually hitting enter. And, lo and behold, they backed off a bit. I gave them some background, told my side of things, and eventually the discussion wandered off to safer ground. Amazing.

Sadly, I fear they were too stuck up on themselves to really appreciate it, but at least for a time they might not keep dumping on something that took a lot of effort to pull off. We'll see.

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