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it's amazing

how one little knock on the door can change your whole evening, but a few weekends in the future, as well...

I get home after Sam's Club and dinner... proceed to check email.. am just getting to LJ to catch up, when there's a knock (ok, a rather loud pounding) on my door... evidently there's a somewhat private party that I was not informed about, and a couple of the apt people were sent to make sure I got the invitation. So I head over...

Evidently I missed a WILD time last night, again due to not being properly informed... anyways, the new and very good looking person in the complex is having their first party, and it was already in swing. So I of course head over.

I think the fact that that was somelike likst 6-8 hours ago and I just got home speaks for itself... as does the fact that I'm somewhat blitzed...

I was also informed that I have a possibility of getting free tickets to U2 in Chicago, am invited to the Poker Run and the Lake of the Ozarks, and S from the apt office is now single.....

Not to mention I was told to stay a bit later than most at the party...

Yesssss...... Things are looking good for yours truly....

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