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so Rain called, got out of training early, needed a ride... went to pick up, then we stopped by microcenter to drool over toys before heading to denny's... then rain's place, where dinner plans were made.

the best Chinese place in the known world, of course... where we had the best steamed dumplings with extra fire oil... and the usual house specialties... good humor all around, with Rodimus and S, and Morphine. then they had to go to work, S went shopping, so Rain and i came here to DDR. that was at like 6:30-7...

couple hours of DDR later, rain's legs were giving out, so I went and did endless....
36 stages of endless before I finally was too tired to continue
592 max combo
~3400 perfects
~1600 greats
~200 good/boo/miss
79+ million points
~1.5 hours continuous dancing

then Rain did about 6 stages before the screen became to mesmerizing to hit the steps... so I took rain home after we laughed over the end of Frankenstein Meet The Wolf Man....

Now I decided to give a decent update, which I've been lacking for a few weeks now.

Once I hit the bed, I should be dead for hours....

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